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Water sports in Zeeland

In Zeeland, you’ll always find a beach where the wind is just right for indulging in water sports, whether you’re into snorkelling, kiting or sailing. There’s a good spot for all levels and types, ranging from calmer areas like the Veerse Meer lake to the more thrilling open North Sea. What do you have in mind?

Yes, you can, in Zeeland

Fanatics of water sports are completely in their element in Zeeland. You’re spoilt for choice of what to do in the many areas devoted to water sports. Just think of kitesurfing, wave surfing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, blokarting, stand-up paddling, kayaking or canoeing.

Or how about snorkelling, or diving? Pick your favourite from this menu of water sports. Make sure, before heading out on the water, to check out the tides, opening times of bridges and locks and, of course, the weather forecast.

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Go sailing in Zeeland

It’s great to go sailing in Zeeland, with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. Whether you’re on a motor boat or out on a yacht, you’ll always relax on Zeeuws waters. It’s quite an experience to go out on the Oosterschelde estuary or on the North Sea. But the inland waters are quite something too, such as the Veerse Meer and Grevelingen lakes: perfect for a sail. If you’ve got your own boat, think about checking out some Zeeuwse marinas. Or how about looking at the options for boat rentals locally?

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There’s more to Zeeland

If you can tear yourself away from your premium water sports, you’ll find even more to do in our nature areas. The options are endless. Jump on a mountain bike and take on a steep track in the forests of Boswachterij Westenschouwen. Or trudge through the rugged sunken island Land van Saeftinghe in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. Or discover the Big Five of Zeeland’s wildlife (porpoise, flamingo, seal, fallow deer and sea eagle). Or visit a festival. Yet more: wrap yourself around some briny seafood delicacies when you’re out on an oyster hunt cruise.

To see even more choices, visit our ‘Things To Do’ page. Guaranteed to inspire you to delight in an indelible visit to Zeeland!

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