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Camper spots in Zeeland

A visit to Zeeland in a camper van can be awesome. Just let your RV navigate you through our Zeeuwse islands. Stop for a stroll on the beach at will. You’ll never have enough of the views out over the sea. There are so many great places to while away the day. And so much bracing sea air! Take a spin around one of the picturesque wee towns or among the fruit orchards in the hinterland. You’ll find inspiration below in our tips on camper spots and the coolest routes.

Camper routes in Zeeland

Happy to see you’re coming here by camper van! No doubt you’ll be heading to the beach (good thinking), but were you to need a tad more inspiration about the best RV roadtrips in Zeeland, here’s some tips. Enjoy your trip!

These (timed) trips are in Dutch, but the maps will ease the pain.

Free camper spots in Zeeland

We have free camper spots in Zeeland! Most have no amenities, and space is limited, so be sure to turn up early. Below we list two such great (and free) spots – for more details and recommendations, may we suggest you browse the site Campercontact.

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