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Zeeland’s riches

Zeeland: unrelentingly beautiful. A paradise for water sports enthusiasts and lovers of nature. But for sun worshippers too. Or gourmands. Here you can find everything. Prepare to be overwhelmed by the historical splendours of Zeeland’s towns and cities. And be amazed by its unique shops. Savour the salt-flavoured sumptuosities on your plate. Imbibe the local beverages. Inhale the scent of the sea and feel the inner calm. We offer you a warm welcome. What takes your fancy?

What takes your fancy?

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Tips for the spring

With the dark days of winter behind us, nature is awakening. Zeeland is breathtakingly beautiful in the spring. Whether you’re exploring the province on foot, by bike or on the water, the scent of spring is all pervasive. What takes your fancy? Maybe it’s enjoying the stunning springtime blossom on a bike ride through Zuid-Beveland, petting alpacas or spending a day off-road on your mountain bike? Zeeland has everything! Inspire yourself.

Stunning Zeeland

Everyone knows our beaches. Renesse. The surfers. Concert at Sea. But Zeeland offers so much more. For example:

Take a voyage of discovery in Zeeland. Explore the historic towns and cities, visit one of the many galleries, museums and culinary festivals. Push yourself to the limit on the water. Come face-to-face with Zeeland’s wildlife in one of our beautiful national parks. Zeeland: Stunningly beautiful.