Zeeland - Land of routes

Zeeland, the Land-on-Sea, needs routes more than many. They’ll come in very handy as you roam around by bike, on walks and on your horse. Or when you do want to cross over to the other side, on a Zeeuws Pontje ferry. The bike hub network and the footpath network can get you to just about anywhere.

On your bike

Zeeland is for cycling. You can go on the outer dike paths, right between the land and the water. The ships are so close there. In the spring, the flowery dikes of the Zak van Zuid-Beveland area are a sight to behold. And you decide your ports of call, and your schedule, aided by the bike hub network.

Mountain biking

Push those pedals and get a feel, a taste, of our finest estuary clay, or the rough sands of our beaches. Zeeland has several mountain bike routes. In the Boswachterij reserve on Westenschouwen you can tear through the dunes and the woods. You can even cross the border on the route in Zeeland-Flanders which dips into Belgian Flanders.

Routes are made for walking

Slip on those walking shoes, maybe strap on your Nordic Walking poles. Discover Zeeland as once intended, by foot. The network of footpaths will help you shape your route.

Horse riding

Bridle paths and driving ways criss-cross the whole province. You can take your trusty steed out for a gallop along the beaches, or meander through the woods and dunes. Some bridle and driving routes go along quiet, reserved paths – so that you can trot along without a care in the world.

Zeeuwse Pontjes ferries

Made for Zeeland, these Zeeuwse Pontjes ferries will carry you and your bike to the other side. Several routes in Zeeland have integrated ferry crossings, to shorten and enliven your journey. While leaning out, look around to see if any seals or porpoises are peeping up at you.


With our extensive network of various routes, you can have some amazing trips. Stichting Landschapsbeheer Zeeland makes sure it is 100% up-to-date and accessible. If you see any defect, please tell us straight away via the hotline on routemeldpunt.nl.