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About Zeeland.com

About this platform

A warm welcome to our brand new Zeeland.com platform. We’ve been working day in, day out (that’s Zeeuws!) to migrate our VVV Zeeland website, along with the earlier Zeelandlandinzee.nl. Where we once had two inspiring platforms, we have merged them into one, with a very distinctive name. One which everyone can identify with – Zeeuws folk, and our friends from beyond.


In creating Zeeland.com, we now have a state-of-the-art digital environment to promote the regional marketing of Zeeland. Putting the province firmly on the map requires loads of crisp communication to bring together all existing initiatives and stakeholders. Centralising all this information means that visitors, residents, entrepreneurs and other fans of Zeeland now have one common, clear platform: Zeeland.com.

In the beginning . . .

Zeeland.com is managed by the Province of Zeeland. We expect its full management to transition to a new marketing organisation for Zeeland in the course of 2021. Nothing else will change for visitors to the platform – just endless inspiration for a visit, a vacation or even moving to settle down in Zeeland.

Zeeland Live + Work

For people thinking of becoming Zeeuws locals – you maybe? – the platform is our visiting card for you. No need to remind us of the wide appeal of the province for residents, workers and students. Mind you, we know that more has to be communicated to our non-Zeeuws fans about what the region has to offer in terms of settling, working and studying.
More about the wide variety of jobs here. About the pioneering companies which have taken root here. About the endless opportunities for dreamers to make their dream come true. On your own, or with your entire family. Imagine: you could start living the dream in a charming old farm house in our expansive countryside. Or in a stately home in one of our towns replete with listed buildings. Not to mention their palettes of cultural offerings, countless shops and their legendary hospitality sector.
And there’s more to setting up shop in Zeeland than just the jobs available and attractive housing. All around, there’s peace, and quiet and quite a lot of excitement. A healthy portion of space. A balanced way of life. All brought home in those endless hours of sunshine, the salty sea airs, and a tangible absence of pollution, of excessive bustle, of traffic hold-ups.
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