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Nature in Zeeland

Nature in Zeeland

Expansive woods, distant polder views and the tallest dunes in the nation. Nature in Zeeland. Meet the seals, porpoises, roe deer and flocks of birds. Nature in Zeeland. Or visit the largest mudflats and salt marshes in Europe: the sunken lands (Verdronken Land) of Saeftinghe. Nature in Zeeland.


With its unique mix of nature, Zeeland knows a great many contrasts. The landscape skips from mudflats to marshlands, polders and dikes, woods and dunes, sweet and saline, wet and dry. A delight for any nature lover, worth the pleasure in any season. Go on, enjoy the salty air. Go out, on your own, or with company. Or with a guide.

Water and land

Fun fact: Zeeland comprises 40% water. Such a combination of water and land leads to surely the best nature areas. Like around the Veerse Meer and Grevelingenmeer lakes. Also great for sailing or swimming. Or are you longing for more? Try a water sport

You can also discover the Nationaal Park Oosterschelde in Zeeland – the largest in the country. Rich in flora and fauna.

Water and land

go so well together

Wildlife in Zeeland

We host a very varied and special wildlife in Zeeland, ranging from rare birds to seals and porpoises. Get up early and you could well see deer. Or if you’re mad about our feathered friends, Zeeland is the place for you – it’s like a boulevard of birds. Or about sea mammals? Then visit the seals in their refuge A Seal (the Dutch word ‘asiel’ means shelter).

Which animals

live in the Zeeuwse landscape?

Get out in Zeeuwse nature

There’s a surprising amount of things to do in the natural spaces of Zeeland, as you’ll see when you jump on your bike. Take one of the mountain bike routes or head out on your racing bike. Or put your walking shoes on and see the pearls of nature from your path. And take the kids with you!