Grevelingenmeer is the largest saltwater lake in Western Europe. With the clearest water in the whole of the Netherlands, it is a popular destination for watersports enthusiasts. The ‘lake’ is bordered by the Brouwersdam and the Oosterschelde river. This large body of water is home to many special flora and fauna. Whether you choose a relaxing holiday with the family or an active day out in perfect conditions, this nature reserve, so rich in contrasts, offers limitless possibilities for everyone.

Unique nature

Those who walk or cycle along the shores of Grevelingermeer will feel the intensity of its sights, sounds and smells. You will come across fascinating birds, wild horses and also spot seals. On foot, by bike or by boat. Zeeland’s dense network of trails allows you to put together your own cycle route or hiking trail. Want something more challenging? Why not try out the 4.7-kilomtre mountain-bike trail on the Brouwersdam at Port Zélande. In addition to an exciting ride through the woods and undergrowth, there are some enervating climbs in the dunes. On the grassland stretches in between, you can take in some wonderful vistas along the water’s edge.

Seal spotting

If you bring a pair of binoculars, you might spot the seals basking on the Roggeplaat sandbanks as you cycle or walk alongside the water. You can regularly see seals on the North Sea side of the locks at Brouwersdam. Rather see them in close-up? If so, a boat trip is definitely worthwhile!

Exploring the countryside

around Grevelingermeer

Watersports paradise

Due to the absence of strong currents, whilst at the same time taking advantage of the winds coming off the sea, Grevelingenmeer is an ideal spot for a whole host of watersports. A brief look around will reveal the true extent of activities: yachts, trawlers, speedboats, water-skiers, wind surfers and scuba divers returning to the surface after exploring the hidden depths. If you’re not already hooked on watersports, but would like to try one out, there are plenty of diving, sailing and surfing instructors waiting to teach you the tricks of the trade.

Water Jump

At Brouwersdam, there is a 8-metre-high, 25-metre-long and 5-metre wide water ramp. The Water Jump is for real daredevils who want to take spectacular leaps into the water. We dare you to try!

Water sports

on and in Grevelingenmeer

Wonderful underwater world

The largest saltwater lake in Western Europe is a Mecca for diving enthusiasts. One of the biggest draws are the underwater wrecks. The particles of clay and sand which have long since sunk to the bottom of the still waters of Grevelingermeer, means there are clear views under the water. You can see anything from anemones to gudgeon, slipper shells, eels, rock gunnels and herring. No diving experience? That doesn’t have to be a problem. Grevelingermeer is an excellent spot to get to know the unique underwater world of the Delta.

Tiny Sea Forest

Did you know that the Grevelingenmeer had its own unique wildlife reserve? A collaboration between the national agencies for water management, Delta management and forestry has resulted in the first ever tiny sea forest being planted, a special underwater forest, full of submarine structures, such as tree trunks and oyster beds. It will enable the ecosystem to recover and attract new forms of life. The planting of common eelgrass will help fish, crab and sandworm to thrive here.

Explore the underwater world

around Grevelingermeer

Culinary Grevelingermeer

Every day, a real culinary celebration takes place in and around Grevelingermeer. The cockles and eels which are harvested in Grevelingermeer are served fresh daily by many restaurants in the vicinity. Those who stray inland will be rewarded with all kinds of wholesome products on sale in the farm shops, such as black salsifies, parsnips, orchard fruit, strawberries, free-range eggs, farm-produced cheese and even ‘Schouwse’ wine.

Bruinisse fishery days

Although the programme differs from year to year, for three days in mid-July Bruinisse comes alive with a myriad of festivities and events. ‘Miss Visserij’, the village fair and a festive evening are fixed items on the extensive and varied programme.

Culinary delights

in Grevelingermeer