Holiday parks and rental agencies

Holiday parks and rental agencies

Holiday parks in Zeeland. Something for everyone. Every place you want. You arrive in a house that is all ready for you. Nothing could be easier! What do you want to do first? The swimming paradise? Or straight off to the beach? Either way, you’ll know the holiday is already on a roll!

Holiday world

Holiday parks and bungalow parks are a world of their own. Your world, your holiday world. Lolling, lingering, liking it, loving it. Tell us, have you always been so energetic, or is it just since you came? Probably, eh? The salty air, the white beaches and fun for two, if you please. Or for ten.


A holiday park is just the place for a great family holiday, sometimes with your dog too. The kids’ eyes are just popping. The wave pool is one massive adventure. Rosy cheeks, wide open eyes. That’s what we love to see! Endless pleasure. Inexhaustible. Making plans, tomorrow, today, always moving, here, there, everywhere. And always confirming “I want to stay here for ever”. For ever.


In Renesse, Zonnedorp park received five stars from ANWB, the Dutch touring club. A Zeeland-style welcome, only 318 metres to the sea. And bucketfuls of activities for children. The going’s good for kids in just about every park. At the Toppershoedje in Ouddorp, the entertainment team has a long list of fun stuff: films, theatre, craft afternoons, evening stories. There are teams like that in many a holiday park.

Parks are Zeeland-wide

There are holiday parks and bungalow parks all over Zeeland. On Tholen, Schouwen-Duiveland, Walcheren, Noord- and Zuid-Beveland and in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. Luxury ones. Kid-friendly ones. With pools and entire wellness centres. And everywhere you go, that good old Zeeuwse hospitality – and always one more thing to discover. Parks near the coast, parks near the village centre, parks in both. The houses in a holiday park have space aplenty, inside and out. Sizes vary, for 2 or 20 people, or more.

The world outside

Park life is just great, thank you. But there’s a world, a province, outside too, waiting to be discovered: the Delta Park Neeltje JansMini Mundi in Middelburg or Berkenhof’s Tropical Zoo in Kwadendamme, to name but three. And that endless sea, inviting you in for your daily dip. Fancy an ice-cream? Can do. Or a helping of kibbeling fish chunks? Nibble away. Call on the old towns like MiddelburgVeereZierikzee and Tholen. Pretend you’re a medieval knight and climb the Belfort in Sluis, the only belfry in the Netherlands. Gee, that holiday park sure has given you that holiday feeling, hon’, say that again!

Four seasons

So many sides to Zeeland, so many seasons (yes, four). With a base in your own holiday park, Zeeland is perfect for beachgoers. Long long walks, the warm sand in the crannies of your toes, kites above. Waves, hour-long waves, playing with you. Water sport devotees are in their element here. Nirvana-on-Sea, dudes. Cyclists and walkers can enjoy hundreds of kilometres of routes, through dunes, polders, past the flowered dikes, past – or why not halt here? – the terraces in lovely mussel villages and old harbour towns. Stop? Yeah, a beer would go down a treat. Need one to wash down those mussels. And then, back to the world of the holiday park. This is the life.


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