The true nature of Zeeland

Always a discovery, ever an experience. That’s Zeeland's nature, come rain or shine (yes, shine, it does! the most!). To every charm, its season. You’ll see. On your own, or on a guided tour or trip. The palette of the landscape is varied indeed: woods, dunes, mudflats, marshes, polders, dikes. Beach strolls, beachcombing, just where the froths end, there lie those treasures. Tough and rugged, instructive. Adventure without limits, but not edgy.

Natural things to do

A guide will help you appreciate the nature of Zeeland even more. They’ll tell you so much about the plants and the wildlife on your path. Go beachcombing, take a boat out, walk or bike. Fauna under water, deer hunts (softly, softly), seal spotting, mushroom harvests, bird excursions. Your guide has a thousand eyes.

Nature groups

Nature is, by and large, her own best carer and minder. At other times, the tasks of nature conservation belong to a raft of Zeeuwse nature bodies. The Oosterschelde National Park, the IVN nature group, the Terra Maris natural museum, the Zeeuwse Landschap agency, the Natuurmonumenten conservationist movement, the Staatsbosbeheer forestry commission and the Landschapsbeheer Zeeland agency for local landscape management cooperate on public education, conservation activities and promoting the nature of Zeeland.


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